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The scrap recycling industry is working to be a part of the solution to material theft. is a tool for law enforcement that allows you to alert the scrap industry of significant thefts of materials in the United States and Canada. Upon validation and review, alerts you post are broadcast by email to all subscribed users within a 100 mile radius of where the incident occurred.

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Posted Jul 31

Catalytic Converters

A separate category is now available for users reporting the theft of catalytic converters. In the Materials Information section under Materials Involved, users will now be able to select Metal - Cata...

Posted Mar 16

Identifying Materials

As much as possible, please provide a detailed description of stolen material under Additional Identifying Characteristics in the Materials section of the Alert. This will assist law enforcement and r...

Posted Oct 4

Scrap Theft Alert Mobile Site

The Scrap Theft Alert mobile site is now live. Users visiting the site on cell phones and other mobile devices will automatically be routed to the new mobile site. For those wishing to access the desk...

Posted Dec 3

Ability to Receive Alerts From Multiple States

Registrants can now opt to receive alerts from up to five states. This is a change from the past option of receiving alerts from one state or multiple zip codes. Registrants still have the ability to ...

Posted Apr 11

User Advisory

Please remember, all thefts reported to must be reported to law enforcement and the proper information recorded in the Law Enforcement Section. Recyclers or other users who identif...

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Commemorative Brass Plaque

Mukilteo, WA

Telecommunications Wire (copper)

Ona, WV

#6 copper wire

Leamington, UT

7 Catalytic Converts

Oak Ridge, TN

Telecommunications Wire (copper)

Hurricane, WV

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