STATUS: Approved

Alert Details
Theft Type: Reporting a Theft
Theft of: Catalytic Converters
Date and Time of Theft: 4/29/2023 19:32
Broadcast: 5/21/2023 4:29:47 PM
United States Broomfield COLORADO 80020 BROOMFIELD 5000 W. Midway Bv.
Metal - Catalytic Converter
Name Brand/Serial:
Color: Other
Weight(lbs.): 3
Total Dollar Amount: 3,000.00
Number of Catalytic Converters: 2
Additional Identifying Characteristics:
Ford Expedition catalytic converter and a Honda Pilot catalytic converter

23-22899 Suspect vehicle.png

23-22899 Suspect vehicle tinted windshield.png

23-22899 Suspect vehicle - red fender.png

23-22899 Suspect Temp Tag.png

23-22899 Suspect 4 - Lookout.png

23-22899 Suspect 3 - Driver.png

23-22899 Suspect 2 - Lookout.png

23-22899 Suspect 1 - Sawzall.png
Gender: M
Race: Caucasian
Age: 25
Weight(lbs.): 170
Height: 6 Feet 1 Inches
Primary suspect appeared to be tall and thin, but his face and extremities were covered so not distinguishing features could be seen.
Clothing Description:
Primary suspect was wearing a red baseball hat, a black or dark blue bandana covering his face, a tan shirt and blue jeans. Three other subjects assisted by acting as look-outs.
Make: JEP
Style: SUV
Color: Green-Dark
Additional Description:
Suspect vehicle has a distinct red front driver side fender. Suspect vehicle also appears to have red on the top of the front grille. Suspect vehicle has large off-road tires with black rims, and also appears to have dark tinted windows, possibly including the windshield. Lastly, the suspect vehicle appears to have an unknown Colorado temporary license plate on the rear.
Law Enforcement Information
Agency Name: Broomfield Police Department
Phone Number: (720) 887-5214
Email Address:
Officer Name: Aaron Coleman
Case Number: 23-22899
Broadcast Radius:
100 miles
Special Handling: