STATUS: Approved

Alert Details
Theft Type: Reporting a Theft
Theft of: Vintage Metal Garbage Cart IRON & STEEL
Date and Time of Theft: 11/15/2022 14:00
Broadcast: 11/16/2022 4:18:43 PM
United States Huntington Woods MICHIGAN 48070 OAKLAND Scotia & Lasalle area
Metal - Ferrous (iron and cast iron)
Name Brand/Serial:
Color: Brown
Weight(lbs.): 25 to 30 pounds???
Total Dollar Amount: 200.00
Additional Identifying Characteristics:
This TWO CAN GARBAGE CART was actually a very sturdy vintage IRON & STEEL piece from the 1950s (they don't make them like this anymore!) that I've had for 30 YEARS and repainted in a modern BRONZE/BROWN HAMMERED METAL PAINT finish. Am almost a senior and have spinal issues from a car accident and RELY HEAVILY on this cart for weekly yard work and taking my garbage to the curb. Feels like I've lost a trusted old friend yesterday :( :( :( Someone stole this on garbage day for scrap metal. It is WORTH FAR MORE TO MY INJURED BACK than what you'll give a scrapper for it to BARELY BUY A CUP OF COFFEE. I can't find these anymore and nothing new compares on Amazon. WOULD BE SO GRATEFUL IF YOU WOULD HELP ME GET THIS BACK. The scrapper also took one of my neighbor's garbage carts the same day in HUNTINGTON WOODS. Tell your metal peddlers to leave people's garbage carts alone! and don't pick up anything unless it's obviously trash or next to the recycling cart! PLEASE HELP. THANK YOU!

Age: 0
Weight(lbs.): 0
Height: 0 Feet 0 Inches
Unknown. Was not there to witness. But there are some known scrappers who come through our town every week on garbage day.
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Law Enforcement Information
Agency Name: Huntington Woods
Phone Number: (248) 541-1180
Email Address:
Officer Name: Brian Luther
Case Number: 22-1526
Broadcast Radius:
500 miles
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